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Welcome to Animal Removal Houston!

Animal Removal Houston is an animal nuisance, wildlife and pest removal service in the Greater Houston, Texas area. As skilled and experienced specialists, we can aid you in the safe and humane removal of skunks, raccoons, rats, bats, armadillos, snakes and more. As part of the Houston metro community, Animal Control Houston is familiar with the type of nuisance animals Houston residents face including feral, abandoned, aggressive, or evasive animals. We can also educate and instruct you how to prevent and control future problems by eliminating animal access and entry points.

Our experienced and professional services include:

  • Removal of dead and decaying animals
  • Clean-up and disposal of animal waste
  • Extraction of animals from walls and other structures
  • Placement of non-poisonous traps which prevent undesirable odors from animals decaying in walls and other hard to reach places.

Please note: We do not remove feral or stray dogs from property.

We service the Metro Houston area and can provide immediate, 24 hour animal control assistance!

We also service the Greater Houston area and can provide immediate assistance professionally, humanely, safely and affordably.

Do not hesitate to call at the immediate sign of a nuisance animal. We provide pest control and wildlife removal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call today for a professional consultation at (832) 419-9593