Armadillo Removal & Control

Armadillos are present mostly in Texas, but can be seen throughout the United States. The only type of armadillo you'll see in the US is the nine-banded armadillo, called so because of the nine tight bands around its middle that help make up its tough exterior.

An armadillo's exterior is one of its most powerful defenses against predators, in addition to running away if feeling threatened. Though unattractive and prone to be a road hazard, armadillos aren't often aggressive toward humans, and are a poor threat. They use their hard claws mostly for finding insects and grubs and for digging homes near the flat beds of creeks and streams.

An armadillo nuisance is more likely due to the presence of excessive roadkill around your property or business, or the armadillo digging up your yard in search of food or a den. Either way, these little creatures are unsightly, so you'll want to ensure you seek the assistance of a trained professional to help you remove the animal.

If an armadillo has become a nuisance around your home or business, please don't try to kill or poison it. Contact the experts at Animal Removal Houston at (832) 419-9593 and we'll deal with the problem for you! Call for a free consult today.