Bat Removal & Control

Texans are proud of our bats. The Mexican Free-tailed bat is the Texas state bat, and you can see over a million of these flying in downtown Austin at the peak time of the season.

With 32 species of bats, there are plenty around to keep the residents of Houston a little fearful. Fortunately enough, bats don't mean humans any harm and are gentle creatures. They keep down the populations of insects and pests around our homes, and once you get past their unusual features, they're actually pretty cute.

That being said, having a bat nuisance is no fun. Bats can squeeze through small holes and take up residence in your attic or parts of your roof. Bats carry vermin, and their guano can transmit disease to humans. For as much as they cut down on the rodent population and keep pests away from your family, they can also be pests themselves.

If you're dealing with a bat nuisance in or around your home, don't try to remove the bats yourself. It's possible that the bat has come into your home with other bats, and the noise you're hearing is from the colony. If you can't see the bat and aren't sure if you're dealing with multiple bats, the best thing you can do is call a trained professional to help.

That's where the professionals at Animal Removal Houston come in. We don't harm the bats that we try to catch, but we will move them safely and humanely from your home.

If you have a bat problem, don't try to handle the problem yourself - give us a call at (832) 419-9593. We'll make it look easy when ridding your animal nuisance problem in the Greater Houston area.