Bird Removal & Control

Birds can be a huge problem for homeowners, and particularly for car owners. It's likely that if you live in the Houston area and are in possession of a car, your property has been defecated on by a bird or two.

One of the most common birds throughout the country is the Pigeon. This is a bird you may be seeing if you're in Houston. Pigeons have been fed by and coexisted with humans for so long, that they have very little fear and may actually be aggressive. Even in downtown Houston, pigeons could swoop in and share food or defecate on public surfaces.

Other nuisance birds you may deal with include crows, sparrows, or owls. Though owls do cut down on the local rodent population, a screeching owl outside your window won't make for a good night's sleep.

Many birds carry diseases that can be transmitted through their droppings, or through mosquitoes who bite the birds, and then bite humans. One popular example is the avian flu, or Bird Flu, which takes lives anytime it makes an appearance in the continental US.

Because birds travel in numbers, it's difficult to deal with a bird nuisance in a metropolitan area. If a family of birds is nesting in your attic or within your home or business structure, it's a little easier to deal with.

We don't hurt the birds that we work with - we do our best to relocate them and ensure they're as far away from your home or office as possible. If birds are eating your crops or pecking at external structures, we use distractive devices (think of the traditional scarecrow) to frighten the birds and stop them from coming around your property.

At Animal Removal Houston, we have experience dealing with many types of birds and can help you get rid of a bird nuisance. Please give us a call at (832) 419-9593 for a free consultation today!