Dead Animal Removal & Control

When animals are about to die, they naturally don’t consider the inconvenience it presents to their human hosts. A dead and decaying rodent hidden in your attic or lodged under your house can fill your Houston residence with a foul stench for weeks. Rodents may also become trapped in your walls, making it difficult to remove the carcass and odor without assuming a huge financial expense.

Also, many people are hesitant to touch the dead animal. Their instincts are often correct. Many rodent carcasses carry harmful diseases, and their careful and safe removal should be the work of trained professionals only.

This is why you should call Animal Removal Houston. Our expert specialists have removed animal carcasses from every hole, crack, crawlspace, attic, basement, storage shed, or other hiding spot you can imagine. We know the procedures and the precautions, and we do all the work while protecting you and your family or employees.

Not all animal control companies have our skill and knowledge. Some will fail to find the decaying animal, yet they will still charge you for the company’s time and travel. Meanwhile, the foul odor will continue to permeate your home or office. Animal Removal Houston WILL find the source of the stench, we will remove the carcass, and we will deodorize the area. Your problems will be solved!

We’ll also find the animal’s original entry point, and seal it if necessary, to prevent futures entries at the same site.

If you have a dead animal polluting your home or business with a terrible stench and harmful germs, don’t wait any longer. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk. Call Animal Removal Houston today at (832) 419-9593 and we will handle the problem for you.

We are your humane, professional, wild animal trapping and removal service in the Houston Area. We’ll take every measure to rid your home of these nuisance animals, while providing excellent customer service. Satisfaction guaranteed.