Feral Removal & Control

When kittens are in born in the wild, or abandoned, they easily adapt to their wild surroundings, using their instinctual hunting and survival abilities, and become feral.

The Houston area has many wild spaces and woods that can harbor feral cats. Even the main streets of downtown Houston provide enough food and shelter to make a decent home for these wild animals.

Despite their habitat, a feral cat looks like any other cat. Don’t be fooled by their appearance; a feral cat is not domesticated. They have retained their wild nature, are untamed, and as wild as any bobcat or raccoon. Feral felines will attack humans and pets if they feel threatened, and their lack of vaccinations makes potential attacks even more dangerous. These cats are undomesticated and will resort to their instincts to defend themselves: biting, clawing, and spraying.

Kind hearted Houston residents may feel sorry for these wild cats, and put food out for them. Putting out food simply attracts more demanding, untamed feral cats. In no time a kind homeowner could find a dozen nuisance cats roaming and yowling on their property.

Besides being a nuisance, feral cats can be a danger to pets and humans. They can carry rabies, parasitic infections, cat scratch fever and toxoplasmosis.

Because of their wild nature, one should never try to catch a feral cat on their own. They will bite and scratch without warning, and a cat scratch can cause a serious infection.

The experienced professionals at Animal Removal Houston know how to trap and handle a feral cat. We will not harm the cat, but will take it to a shelter so that it may be properly handled. Do not hesitate to call us at (832) 419-9593 if you observe feral cats on your property. We can help you deal with your problem immediately. We will show you how to seal off entry areas and suggest other preventive measure to ward off new animal entry.