Mole Removal & Control

When property owners in the Houston area see ridges and mounds showing up in their lawns they know they have a mole problem. As moles dig their way out of the ground they create 'mole hills' with the grass and dirt they've displaced. If you own a house in the Houston area, you've likely seen some molehills.

Moles are strange looking little animals. They look like rodents, though they are not. Moles are insectivores. They are small (about 7 inches), with oversized, broad forefeet and long nails perfect for digging. Moles are also nearly blind.

This solitary creature is not aggressive and relatively harmless. They prefer to eat earthworms and grubs instead of your plants, but their extensive digging and tunneling can damage plant roots and ruin your garden.

There is no practical, effective, and humane way to remove moles without the assistance of an experienced professional.

Animal Removal Houston removes moles humanely and will rid them from your property. Then we release them in a distant area, where they will never bother your lawn and garden again. We work in the greater Houston and surrounding counties and know how to eliminate your mole problem. Give the experts of Animal Removal Houston a call today at (832) 419-9593