Opossum Removal & Control

Opossums may not look like interesting creatures, but they have some unique traits that many other nuisance animals can't claim. They're the only marsupial on the North American continent, and their reproductive behaviors mirror those of animals like Australia's koalas and kangaroos.

When female opossums give birth, the young cling to a pouch-like structure on their bodies until they are old enough to fall off the mother and go out on their own. Female opossums can give birth to several opossums at one time, and they tend to reproduce quickly, year-round.

Like many other nuisance animals, opossums are bashful and will try to avoid predators as opposed to being aggressive to humans and other animals. If you get too close to an opossum, you may find that it "plays dead", or maneuvers its body to appear lifeless so that the predator will leave it alone. This is where we get the popular expression, "playing opossum".

Opossums are able to swing from trees with their long, strong tail, which aids in climbing. Though not necessarily fast creatures, their tail does assist them in getting into interesting places, and they are great climbers. You may find a family of opossums on roads outside your home, and it's very possible for them to get into your home and disturb trash and other items on your property.

If you have an opossum nuisance in your Houston area home or business, don't harm the opossum. A trained professional can remove opossums from the site and help you keep them away. The experts at Animal Removal Houston have plenty of experience in dealing with opossums, and can help you get rid of an opossum nuisance.

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