Raccoon Removal & Control

Raccoons are very common in the Houston area. Who hasn't seen one of these little bandits raiding trashcans? Raccoons have dexterous paws and have no problem getting into your home! Once in, they raid food sources, and have the capacity to open your cabinets and dig through your trash. Many a homeowner with a pet door has had an unfortunate meet up with a raccoon in their kitchen.

Even without entering the home, these nocturnal creatures can create a lot of havoc. Raccoons are definitely unwelcome houseguests in Houston, as they are a danger to pets and children, and can do quite a lot of damage to a home in their search for food. Raccoons are omnivorous, and will eat just about anything.

Despite their cute appearance, including ringed tails and masked faces, raccoons carry plenty of diseases and parasites. They can carry rabies, canine distemper, and Raccoon Roundworm that can be transmitted to humans. You definitely do not want these animals living in your crawlspace, invading your trash and infesting your home.

A raccoon may be rabid if it is moving slowly and awkwardly, is seen under broad daylight, or appears to be unafraid of you despite your close proximity. If you suspect a raccoon is rabid, call Animal Removal Houston immediately, as we are experienced in dealing with sick animals.

Rather than trying to deal with a raccoon infestation yourself, consider calling Animal Removal Houston. Our experience and professionalism makes it a much safer route to take. Many homeowners in the Houston area have found that the damage, infestation and lack of success in eliminating these animals is more of a liability than trusting in a professional. Raccoons are intelligent, sensitive animals, and are well-equipped to outwit traps. We tailor our system of traps based on your individual situation, and have dealt with just about every type of home infestation possible.

You can trust our professionals to help your family avoid the inconvenience and potential health hazards brought on by a raccoon infestation. You don't need to share your home with the raccoons! Call us at (832) 419-9593 and let us come up with a solution to any situation.