Rat Removal & Control

In areas like Houston, rats can be a large problem for home and business owners. They're small and can easily fit through cracks in walls, and their black bodies (Roof Rat) and brown fur (Norway Rat) allow them to blend in with their environments.

There isn't anything a rat won't eat - garbage, food for your pets, bugs, and fecal matter of other animals may all be part of a rat's diet. As you can imagine, these animals, who are capable of squeezing into small spaces and the ability to survive on such a variety of foods, can survive and multiply in harsh conditions.

Rats are also resonsible for carrying and spreading diseases that infect pets and humans. They are responsible for carrying and transmitting the Bubonic Plauge, as well as contaminating human and pet food sources with their fecal matter. They can transfer rabies and other illnesses that humans and pets may contract.

Since Houston is a metropolitan area, you've likely seen rats on the street or digging through garbage, which is the case in many cities. You've also likely run the other way to avoid contact with them. A rat nuisance within your walls, cupboards, or the furnitre in your business isn't something you can run away from. We're happy to help rid you of this nuisance!

Mice are a different story. They are similar internally, and provide the same kind of nuisance, but are much smaller. Some of them are palm-sized, which makes it much easier for them to crawl in and out of your Houston home or business through tiny holes in the structure.

If you have packaged food present in your home or office, mice will access these, chew through the packages, and eat and defecate their way through your snack. The aftermath of a mouse infestation is usually wrought with small teeth marks, chewed-up food, and plenty of fecal matter. No one wants to deal with that in their home or office!

The roof rat is the most common type of rat you'll find in Texas. As the name implies, these rats will inhabit your home and crawl through the attic or upper portions of your home, chewing through your walls and even wiring, and leaving feces everywhere they go. The presence of feces can travel through air ducts in your home and make your family sick. Chewed up wires in your Houston home or office can present an electrical hazard, endangering your most precious belongings.

Many rat or mouse nuisance companies in the Houston area will enter your home, and spread poison throughout to rid you of your rat problem. Though this may work, poison will be tracked throughout the structure while the rats or mice die, and the dead bodies of rats and mice will still be within your attic and walls.

The only truly efficient way to deal with a rat or mouse problem is to allow the experts at Animal Removal Houston to trap them.

We offer a free consultation that will help you deal with your rat or mouse nuisance in the Houston metro area. Give us a call today at (832) 419-9593. and let us tell you how our seasoned professionals can help you!