Skunk Removal & Control

Many a person in the Houston area can tell you that having a face to face meeting with a skunk is something you don't soon forget.

Using powerful glands underneath its tail, a skunk can send out a spray in an excess of fifteen feet. The skunk’s powerful-smelling spray will blind if it gets in the eyes. The sticky, gel like spray has an unforgettable (and difficult to get rid of) odor than can be detected for miles.

If you live in the Houston area, you may have already experienced the smell of a skunk. Skunks will dig through your yard looking for grubs for food, destroying your landscape as they leave dozens of walnut sized holes in their wake. Skunks are nocturnal omnivores who love to scavenge through your trash and eat pet food stored outside.

Skunks are actually gentle creatures, whose only method of self protection is their pungent spray. You definitely don't want their spray getting on your pets or you, so any sign that skunks have invaded your yard or home is cause for action. As with any wild animal, there is potential for a skunk to carry rabies and parasites as well.

Eliminating your skunk problem is something best handled by a professional. Trying to trap or eliminate skunks yourself is not worth the nauseating smell and spray a skunk produces and is likely to direct at YOU.

Animal Removal Houston is staffed with experienced professionals in the Houston area and can easily take care of your skunk problem. Our methods are safe and humane, and we can protect you, your children and pets from these nuisances. We will not harm the skunk(s), but safely remove them away from your property. We will also inform you of anything you can do or change on your property to keep skunks and other animals from coming back.

So don't hesitate to call Animal Removal Houston if you suspect you have one of these little black and white creatures invading your space. Give us a call at (832) 419-9593 for a free consultation.