Snake Removal & Control

Many people have a difficul time developing a healthy attitude toward snakes, and that's understandable. The fear of most when encountering one of these slithering creatures is whether or not you can be bitten, and whether or not the snake is venomous.

First, any snake can and will bite when provoked. Like most any other bite, snake bites do hurt and often take the victim by surprise. It's important that if you have a snake in your home or business, that you rely upon the help of a seasoned professional to help you get rid of the snake - regardless of whether or not it's poisonous. Like other cuts and wounds, snake bites may become infected, and a trip to the hospital isn't worth the time and inconvenience you could have spared yourself.

Second, there are two types of venomous snakes in Texas - the coral snake, and common pit vipers such as the rattlesnake and copperhead.

The coral snake has a distinctive pattern of black, red and yellow bands throughout its body. Pit vipers all have rattles with joints on their tails, and you'll hear the distinct rattle when the snake is frightened or senses prey or danger. These snakes also have a triangular-shaped head.

Most snakes typically only attack when provokes, and this is also true of the poisonous snakes of Texas. If you feel you have a poisonous snake in your yard, give us a call immediately at (832) 419-9593.

Even if snakes aren't venomous, they can still present a nuisance to you and your family or business. Snakes will travel to wherever there's a ready food source. They can keep the population of rodents down in your yard, but it's understandable if you feel nervous about several snakes living in close proximity of your house.

Snakes can, of course, get inside your house, and like other animals may also die inside the walls. When this happens, the smell is unpleasant and may be difficult to get rid of.

If you are dealing with a snake nuisance in the Houston area, give Animal Removal Houston a call at (832) 419-9593. We are trained, experienced professionals, and have dealt with many kinds of snakes. We'll be able to help safely and humanely remove snakes from your home or office - guaranteed!