Frequently Asked Questions
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Where do you dispose of the animals when you remove them?

If the animal is alive, we don't kill the animal, and try not to harm it. We will relocate the animal to a location as far from your home or business as we can possibly get it, to ensure it won't return. We'll also seal any entry points in your home or business the animal may have created or used to access your property.

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What areas within/outside of Houston will you work in?

We work within counties and cities outside the Greater Houston Metro Area.

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Are your services affordable?

You'll find our charges are much more reasonable than the property damage you'll sustain from allowing the nuisance animal to remain in your home or office, or the potential harm you can do to your structure and yourself by trying to handle the situation personally.

Our services are tailored to your specific situation, and are priced accordingly. Please contact us to discuss your individual situation.

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Are you properly licensed, and do you carry insurance?

We carry all necessary licenses and state minimum coverage for our line of work.

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How much experience do you have?

Our professionally trained staff has combined decades of experience in animal and wildlife control and removal.

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Is your job dangerous? Have you ever been hurt?

Any job can be dangerous. We feel confident in performing the services required during animal nuisance control and removal because of our professional attutide, expertise, and years of experience.

We have encountered many situations where we could be harmed, but none of our employees have been harmed when removing animals from a site.

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How can I pay you for your services?

We do take all major credit cards, and will be happy to discuss other forms of payment. Please contact us to do so.

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Do I pay extra for traps and any equipment that you use?

Any traps or equipment that we'll need to use will be quoted as part of our fee.

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How do you catch nuisance animals?

Our techniques for trapping animals are as varied as the animals themselves. We also take a look at the animal's surroundings, and consider any specific needs you may wish for us to address.

We will ensure that carcasses are removed from the site, and will not leave deceased animals on your property.

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But doesn't the city have free services that will deal with a nuisance animal in my home or business?

Many municipalities once offered these services to their residents; however those days have passed. You'll find it difficult to find someone to remove a nuisance animal at no cost.

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Why can't I just use poison?

The experts at Animal Removal Houston highly discourage the use of poisons to remove animals. The animal may drag the poison throughout your home or structure and contaminate other animals, or even humans or pets. Additionally, the poison will leave dying animals throughout your home, and you'll later deal with the stench and inconvenience of removing the bodies.

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Are there animals you won't work with?

We don't provide pest control services, and will not remove insects. Please call us if you desire a consultation about a specific nuisance animal.

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Do you deal with stray cats and/or dogs?

When confronted with a feral cat, we will attempt to remove the animal and deliver it to the nearest shelter.

We do not work with feral dogs.

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What if my nuisance animal is endangered?

We cannot deal with or remove endangered or protected species. If you feel there may be an endangered or protected animal in your home, please contact (512) 389-8111.

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