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Animal Removal Houston

Capturing and Removing Animals

We safely and humanely remove nuisance animals from your home or office. An example would be catching and removing rats from your attic or from your yard.

Many people who seek our services are concerned that the animals we deal with will be harmed. Sometimes, as is the case with trapping rats and mice, it's unavoidable that there could be some injury to the animal. Animal Removal Houston will do everything possible to ensure that the animal is removed from your home or business as humanely as possible. We use a variety of traps that fit your specific situation, and will be happy to detail our services more to you upon your request.

Please note: We do not remove feral or stray dogs from property.

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Keeping Animals Out of Your Home or Office

For example, if an opossum has entered your attic, we take steps to block the entry points and ensure animals can't return again through the same entry point.

Exclusion services are part of all our animal removal services. We don't want the animals re-entering your home, so Houston Animal Removal will do whatever possible to ensure that nuisance animals won't return again. We may seal off an area with the use of wire mesh, or seal entry points.

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Repairing Structural Damage

If animals are nesting in your home, it's likely they've chewed through walls or used pieces of your home structure as nesting material. We will help clean and repair this damage.

Nuisance animals typically leave home or office damage behind during their visit. The experts at Animal Removal Houston understand how to locate and repair structural damage, and can clean and repair hard-to-reach areas that may not otherwise be fixed.

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Using Animal Repellant

We can keep snakes and other nuisance animals out of your yard through the use of repellants.

Our repellants are not toxic to humans by simply being around them. Animal Removal Houston will ensure that you know the appropriate pet and human behavior around such repellants. These chemicals are highly effective in keeping nuisance animals away from your home.

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Eliminating nuisance animal noises

Animals that live in your walls or attic are typically nocturnal, and can keep you and your family awake for countless hours. We can help eliminate this problem.

At Animal Removal Houston, we'll eliminate nuisance animals that cause problems for you and your family, ensuring that you can finally get a good night's sleep.

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Taking Care of Animal Emergencies

Animals that become trapped in your home could be rabid or poisonous. We'll make sure that your family is safe.

Rabid animals are a danger to any animal or human they come near. Fortunately, the professionals at Animal Removal Houston have the knowledge and the know-how to deal with rabid animals, and will eliminate the source of the danger for your well-being.

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Removing Dead Animals/Controlling Odors

Dead animals, or an animal such as a skunk can fill your home with unwanted stench. We can eliminate the nuisance and help deodorize your home.

If an animal has died within your home, an unpleasant stench can be the result. The experts at Animal Removal Houston will remove the nuisance animal and then deodorize your attic or walls, ensuring unpleasant smells aren't left behind.

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Cleaning up Lawns

Nuisance animals can dig up your lawn and garden. We can help remove the nuisance, and clean up.

After removing animals from your home, Animal Removal Houston will treat your lawn and garden to ensure that nuisance animals don't return.

These are just a few of the services that the experts at Animal Removal Houston can provide for your home or office. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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